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I hate my job so much.


I don't have many opportunities or places to vent about this, but there are no human words for the intense and burning hatred I have for my current employment.

My department is two people, and we're easily doing the work of five. We're underpaid, of course, but what I especially hate is that we have a responsibility to justify the hours we spend on the clock with documentation of every fifteen-minute period of our workweek. On a weekly basis, my bosses go over my planner and ask me about every fifteen-minute chunk of time.

Not only must we do the work of five people, we also have to document it all in ways that satisfy the insurance ghouls who are constantly looking for reasons to drop our clients' healthcare coverage.

Every week I'm a little bit further behind in my notes and documentation. I hate this. I need out of this job before it literally kills me. I wish I could just quit. Employers love to pretend this is some sort of equal relationship but it isn't.


Hang in there, mate! Sooner or later you'll get out of it. I've been in a similar(-ish) situation (-ish, as in, mine paid reasonably well, at least) and I know it feels helpless during the worst days, but it never is!

Also, you know, death to unfettered capitalism etc. etc..



Sooner or later, yes. The worst they can do to me is fire me, I suppose. And it pays just enough to barely cover my expenses - that's the only thing keeping me there.



You have my sympathies, because this is complete bullshit and the capitalist death panels ought to be burned to the ground, seeded with salt, and then pissed upon.



The worst part is that I don't actually hate the client-side work I do. I hate the internal productivity-driven documentation and insurance bullshit.



It's always the T.P.S. reports that get people.



Condolences... (although I will admit feeling a wee bit of "relief over evidence I'm not the only one"...)

Employment games surely are a special case of the games selves feel compelled to play under the madness-inducing burden of their separation.

You got your owner role, managerial roles, worker bees, etc.

Each needs to "know how to act" in varieties of inter-role settings, e.g.:

- when no one is looking

- when others are looking

- in the presence of a specific other role (with, of course, wiggle room for specific role player quirks)

- when "shit happens" leads to unique, realtime inter-role settings

And it's lies. All lies. All pretense of role conformity atop cauldrons of inner bristle.

And fear motivated/driven, e.g. of not securing survival needs, of appearing to be a lesser person than someone else.

So... tiring....

And then looking - and maybe applying, and maybe interviewing - for a job is another Herculean test of patience in trepidated kowtow to others.. all the while knowing it'll almost certainly lead to roughly the same misery dynamics.

And the internet hasn't helped. Or, well.. I guess maybe it did before becoming yet another monument to greed (e.g. remembering the time I landed a Perl-centric job through a Craigslist posting...). But now it seems an introduction to contortionism, what with all the deceptive links, the modal "please let our cookies fuck you up the ass" popups, advertisements javascript-mediated inserting themselves into what you're trying to digest such that content you're reading jumps elsewhere.. again.. and again.. ooops, there's a modal "You must create an account and/or subscribe to continue!" popup. And now advertisements related to questionable search query terms

you hoped the browser wouldn't remember are inserting themselves in da html agains.. the dismay over such inaccessibility to possibilities for not having a LinkedIn account due to now-distant-past feeling that was such big waste of time bullshit (but of course the social inertia to persist therein doesn't care about your possibly genuinely superior view of such nonsense... *bleat*, goddamnit... *BLEAT*....).

Well... sorry... it occurs to me the above offers no help... if anything, possibly pours methanol on wounds.. salt in eyes....



I too am very dissatisfied with the current state of internet job seeking (which is how all job seeking occurs nowadays). I'm currently on Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn (vomit), etc and all these companies also have their own websites on which I'm expected to register and re-type all of my information. On top of that, if I don't kiss their *specific* ass enough in my résumé, application, cover letter, etc, I'm not getting the job. I'm not a particularly outstanding employee but I'm quite capable and reliable and it's really upsetting to just not be able to find employment I don't hate. Before I took this job I was unemployed for six months due to the Plague and honestly it was the best six months of my life.



Never went Indeed or Monster. But it's not hard to imagine whatever they provide being more for their benefit.

I waded through more job postings last night. I mean, we've already touched upon the useless - yet magnificently time/energy consuming - unlit, shit-slippery maze tunneling we've already touched upon. But I was also tormented by the resignation-inducing mutual exclusivity of jobs requiring experience that only such jobs could give, meaning the only way in is one or more of the following:

- it's not what you know, it's who you know

- timing is everything

- location, location, location

Chrissakes, why do we even bother with all the irrelevant machinations when it's probably always a matter of one or more of those anyway?

(Oh, that's right.. because we get hungry.....)