Midnight Pub

(Mid)night pubbing, we're (Mid)night pubbing, we're walking to town


The title is a reference to the song "Nightclubbing" by Iggy and The Stooges. At least I am *pretty* sure that is the artist. Been years since I heard the song :/

Initially the title was to be on a blog post over on Smol.pub, but there is no way to post an entry over there via mobile, it seems. Or maybe I have to click to a different section away from /feed?


Anyway, it is far from midnight here in STL. It is a sunny, cloudless day, and the afternoon heat is revving up, Summer is either on the way or here, but I am happy it is, either way. I am soaking up the rays, and enjoying the breeze out on my balcony, which is where I have been perched all day long. Puffing nonny cigarettes (which is what I call non-filters), sipping cold water, and watching clouds form and then dissipate in the sky.

I am also waiting for some funds to hit my bank account, and also seeing "who bites" on a Craigslist posting I have listed (speakers that no longer see any use), and basically trying my best not to starve! LOL!

I'll get by, though.

Distant windchimes duet the chirps from birds. The leaves rustle around in the tree in front of my balcony. A car comes, a car goes. A neighbor walks by, then more. An active day on this day at my apartment complex.

Hope The Pub is doing well, and I'll be back soon.


TMO, you got me remembering being a fan of Craigslist "personals" for a season.... >_<



Oh, isn't it grand?

I know this song mainly via the Trainspotting soundtrack...



An amazing soundtrack, for sure. That movie was the first time I heard Lou Reed's "Perfect Day". A regular listen nowadays :)