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I just got in the door from BP (a local gas station), and I simply bought a Diet Mountain Dew fountain soda. I stood in a line six people deep after filling the cup, and there seemed to be a debit card issue with the machine they were using. One person paid cash and "paid it forward" to another person who saw what was going on and said she NEEDED the items in her hand. The guy in front me, he ran his card as "credit", and it was declined, so I helped him with the debit portion of the menu (which requires a PIN, which he was not familiar with - but he DID know his PIN). Still, declined. He paid cash and was on his way. I knew where this was going, so I ran my debit card - declined. I ran it as credit - declined. I said "I don't know what's going on with the machine, but all I have is my card - I'm sorry", and the clerk handed me the fountain soda and said "you'll get us next time you come in". I was thankful and said that that would "likely be tomorrow" (as I am in there nearly every day or every other day).

So now I'm in debt again. $1.35.

I *am* glad I was simply getting a soda, and didn't need cigs or other items, because anything beyond a fountain soft drink, would have extended my "good word" at the station, and he would have let me leave empty-handed.

Now, I sit, sipping pop, puffing a cig (which I was already in possession of), and the day moves forward.

On that note, ~bartender, I hope the debit card machine is working here, as I am not one to run a tab ;)

hope you're all well


Aspects of your post sting for reminding me of some credit card woe I've been slowly sinking into. Rented a "UHaul" truck Monday, and since I've received no less than six different charges of two different amounts... UHaul customer support told me the lower amount was the "hold" before they calculated the final amount... which was supposed to be "released", and I'd be charged the other amount. ONCE....

But, no... F no.... I've two for the lower amount, and four for the higher amount... was told it could take a few days to be accurately reflected at the bank... but it's still feeling incredibly unreasonable. Unfortunately, they're all in "pending" state, which a bank representative told me means they can't do anything about it yet... but to wait another day....

UHaul customer support replied to me just once, seemingly ignoring subsequent replies from me (because the additional charges have occurred from day to day)... so... I'm almost feeling sorry for the sod I'm dealing with, as he gave me his full name, and you can bet your sweet bippy that name is going to appear in my scathing review.



Definitely sorry to hear that Inquiry. I was waiting for an Amtrak refund for two weeks, and that was DEFINITELY a time when I needed the money. It came in, eventually. Glad I'm not in that bind anymore.

Why the UHaul? Moving elsewhere, helping someone ELSE move?

Hope it works out in the end.

Talk later



The UHaul was for populating a rental with furniture we'd been collecting elsewhere.

But then Murphy hammered on the "no good deed goes unpunished" button - which is sort of like the Facebook "Like" button sans the addictive data collection....



Hello ~tffb, what a nice moment!

Years ago, I came back from Mexico into the US at San Diego. I wanted to board the light rail, and guess what, I was like 50 cent short in change. A total stranger walked by

How much is missing?

Well, like 50 cent I believe?

He gave me the missing coin and wished me a nice day! What???

Thank you so much, you made my day! And since then I have done little deeds like this, too. It make the world a better place by a tiny bit.




Hey ~ew! It was definitely uplifting to see the guy pay it forward to the lady behind him in line, for sure. And of course I was glad to get a soda on the house (I'll pay my $1.35 "dues" in cash later today, haha). I always liked that BP location.

Hope you're doing good



This just brought back memories of being a regular at a local grocery store and cashiers regularly forgiving me small change if I didn't have enough on me. Granted, I was a kid at the time. Now I live too far away from any small stores where I could ever be a 'regular' and chain stores close by just don't do that it seems. So thanks for sharing, that brought back good feelings :) Hope you enjoyed your soda!

I had a slow day today, which is a good thing. Picked up some silly items from the post office, helped mom clean up her father's grave for his birthday all neat and nice. Got hired for a new project! Doesn't pay much, but I'm just happy to do what I love doing while it lasts :)



Yes, I remembered the episode of King of the Hill where Hank Hill was $1 short and the guy said "no sweat, we don't pinch pennies here", or something like that.

Strange show, that was. It captured so much of Midwestern attitudes, but also traits of people, and even mannerisms at some times. Didn't seem like a show I would be "into" back in the day, but then I watched like every episode just to see what they would "pick up on" next. Weird. Haha.