Midnight Pub

Enter darker-half


So today marks Samhain, the beginning of the "darker half of the year (shamelessly stolen from wikipedia :) With that comes cold, wet or even icy weather on the northern hemisphere. Ok, well, its 49 days until solstice ...

... or so are my thoughts while I wander towards the Midnight. I chose the other path through the wet, narrow back alleys. Covered with yellow and red leaves. Those remind me of Andy Goldsworthy. He'll probably be up to form a yellow lightning arrow across the stairways in painstaking detail --- just using yellow leaves and water. Then there is this little gap in the hedges between two adjacent stone walls. I slow down, let some other folks pass and after they disappear around the corner, I squeeze myself through the gap. Now I'm all wet, of course, but heck. Down a narrow path, nearly invisible in the dim light of November, 1st. Around a few corners, and a hop down a small wall --- I enter the garden of The Midnight on the far end. Not many know this path. And while I approach the building, I can see light in the kitchen. Promising. The door to the terrace is locked and the thick curtains are closed. I'll have to wait a little and knock at the kitchen window once ~bartender makes an appearance.

After a while, someone moves in the kitchen. I knock at the window. A dazzled face turns my way. I cheerily wave! And wait. And after another little while, the door opens and ~bartender looks at me. "You seem like in need of another hot chocolate!" I smile. That's exactly what I came for. No, he would not ask, how I got here. Much too polite.

I walk towards the fireplace, I nod to the other patrons on the way. Good to be here again.

How are you doing today?


Hey, we should start a coven!



Samhain is my wedding anniversary, so I spent most of the day in bed with my wife. The cats enjoyed that; they had us boxed in, all curled up and purring.



I'm so up and down! I gotta find some equilibrium—maybe quit caffeine for a while, since I think it's having a distasteful effect on my mood. I have an idea gathering steam in my head for a new prose project and I think I'd like to set an hour or two aside today, to sketch it out and maybe chip away at a few pages of it.

I have a copy beside me of 'Tales from 1,001 Nights'. Might be a nice, relaxing read for a while...



This is the time of the year I feel alive inside.



I love the feeling when looking up pagan holidays. Somehow Samhain became Halloween, and that's wild to me. I'm doing well on the darker side of the year! My writing is in a particularly productive period—it waxes and wanes, I find—and work is going well. My kitties are currently sleeping and the house is quiet. All is proceeding as I wish.